Work from Anywhere
The Opportunities of a Freelancer with the Security and
Benefits of a BPO Worker

10 Reasons Why You
Should Work for Prosper
as a Virtual Assistant

Be your own boss and work
from the comfort of your home!

If you’re committed to continuous
personal and professional growth, then Prosper is what you are looking for.

Work 40 hours each week and have the
work-life balance that you deserve.

With Prosper, you can spend more time with family, especially
with kids, even though you’re still working at night or day.

No more traffic! You can manage more time effciently and
focus between your job and family.

Interested in a rewarding job that pays off your hard work?
At Prosper, the performance bonus is unlimited!

Opportunities are everywhere as the business develops.

You will be surrounded and will be working with the
most enthusiastic professionals. We value teamwork.

You have a ever supportive team of coaches and
trainers always at your disposal

Boring is not our theme. Our Virtual Assistants enjoy vacation leave,
team building, and gifts. Come in and be one of us!

What’s it like to Work for Prosper?

About Us

Ready to Join the Prosper Team?

We’re currently hiring independent contractors to work as Virtual Assistants for Property Management, Real Estate and General Business type in the USA. We’re looking for enthusiastic individuals to build a great company while working at the comfort of your home. Keep reading if you’re interested.

Find that online job today!

Ready to Join the Prosper Team?

Our virtual assistant has an array of expertise from Accounting, Administrative, Real Estate, BPO, Graphic Design and etc. They are being trained in General Virtual Assistant, Property Management and Real Estate tasks within the company before they get to work with a client. We’re ensuring our Virtual Assistant gets the right knowledge to the industry.