Job Summary
We are looking for aspiring & enthusiastic virtual assistants to help our team with varied accounting/bookkeeping and updating/tracking records related tasks for our Real Estate, Property Management Clientele & General Type of Businesses. We are aggressively expanding our company, so our ideal candidate would be a zealous general administrative task, tech-savvy, quick learner and a great multi-tasker.

Roles and Responsibilities
● Assist Accountants and other financial professionals with creating and editing financial documents.
● Organize the bookkeeping processes of the company.
● Evaluate financial budgets and track expenses.
● Draft and report financial presentations.
● Reconcile financial books including incoming and outgoing funds.
● Management customer queries and respond to them with the relevant pre-set template
● Customer follow-up for billing and any other accounting/bookkeeping task
● Updates database
● Email handling with pre-template
● Ad Hoc

Job Requirements:
● College Graduate of Accounting, Financial Accounting, Business Administration, Accounting Technology or any related field
● Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply
● With bookkeeping experience
● Able to navigate accounting software preferably Quickbooks or any other accounting platform such as SAP, XERO, Pitch Tree & etc.
● Conversational english communication skills
● Good in english written
● Organized & Self-driven
● Must be a tech savvy
● Commitment to maintain the highest level of confidentiality while working with client data
● Willing to work on shifting schedules or graveyard shifts

Laptop with a good condition battery and working webcam on it. Specification of core i5 & with at least 8gb ram
Primary Internet 15mbps (willing to upgrade at own expense)
Noise-cancelling headset
Contingency plan incase of a power outage
Willing to work on graveyard shift/ shifting schedule
Metrobank personal savings account