On this page, you will find questions about pay and compensation related to virtual assistant positions.

Starting pay for Virtual Assistants that have a secondary education degree, experience in a BPO company, and can speak fluent English is Php 143.75 or 2.875 per Hour if working full time.


  1. Referral Bonus – If you refer us to a person that is chosen to work for Prosper and they have been hired as a full-time team member after they have worked 60 days for Prosper you will be entitled to 5000 PHP referral bonus.
  2. Laptop Bonus – If you have your own laptop for work so that Prosper does not need to provide a laptop to you, you will receive a 5000 PHP signing bonus on your first paycheck.
  3. Client Lead Bonus – If you find an American business that wants to use our virtual assistant service and you pass that lead to our U.S. Sales team and the lead is converted to a sale you will receive a 10,000 PHP lead bonus
  4. Paid Holidays – Every year December 25th and January 1st are paid holidays with no work requirement
  5. Paid Sick / Vacation Days – 1st year of work 3 days, 2nd year 5 days, 3rd+ years 7 days
  6. Teammate of the Month bonus – If you are selected as the 1 outstanding worker of the month you will receive a 2500 PHP bonus.
  7. Reliability Bonus – When a Virtual Assistant successfully able to demonstrate guidelines related to attendance. The VA will receive Php 1000.00 every 1-month cut-off period.
  8. Seniority Bonus – When a Virtual Assistant reaches 6 months in the company with the required bank account. The VA will start to received on his/her 6month an amount of PHP 1000.00 and every month thereafter.
  9. Performance-Based Bonus – Entitlement to this incentive is a bonus when a supervisor/client sends direct commendation email. The VA will receive Php 2,000.00. This is granted to 4 VAs in a year.