Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What if I decide to end my employment with Prosper?

30-Day notice is required to terminate your employment with Prosper. If a 30-day notice is not provided the assistant will forfeit any unpaid labor hours.

What if I have my own laptop to use?

Prosper will provide a 5000 PHP signing bonus instead of providing a laptop.

Do I need to have my own computer?

Prosper provides laptops, mouses, and headsets to all of our teammates. BUT if you have your own laptop we will give you a bonus to use your own. You may also avail our laptop layaway program with 24 ladderized deductions and interest rate of Php 500.00 per deductions. The laptop will be provided once you reach your 6th deductions that would mean you will be allowed to use your desktop before the actual laptop is provided.

Am I hired as an employee of Prosper Real Estate?

Our assistants are hired as independent contractors. This means each assistant is responsible for their own income tax deductions or any other taxes and fees that are due to local and national governments.

How often do I get paid?

Our teammates are paid every 2 weeks.

How do I get paid?

Teammates must supply valid personal metrobank account information before payment will be distributed. Being paid via a bank account is the only payment method offered.

What if I can’t afford at home high-speed internet?

You can work for up to 30 days in our training facility before receiving enough compensation to pay for high-speed internet at your home.

Where in the Philippines are you located?

We’re operating online with headquarters in Cebu. We identify our Virtual Assistants in the areas of Bacolod, Batangas, Davao and Cebu.

Am I paid for Training?

Yes, we invest on everyone’s knowledge in the industry. Our training is quite extensive which would run from 1- 2 months. The first two weeks will be zero tolerance in any attendance issues otherwise the contract will be jeopardized and will lead to forfeiture of pay. Once they finish the first two weeks, they’ll be vetted out by our department head to continue the training either in Property Management or Real-Estate & Brokerage. The trainee is only allowed to have 3 strikes in any attendance issues including absences, late, undertime, idle or overbreaks.

What is the training schedule?

The training schedule varies depending on the phase/transition. This would typically fall from 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM CST or 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST Mondays through Fridays.

Where is the training conducted?

Training is 100% online. Additionally, our official onboarding and training platform is through Trainual.

What training will I receive?

Prosper supervisors will provide extensive training to all new hires in the field of Property Management or Real Estate & Brokerage. And will be available for questions at any time.

Is this full time or part-time work?

This is full-time work ONLY. There are no part-time opportunities.

What is a typical work schedule?

The Typical work schedule is between 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday – United States time with a 1-hour break per day. This may change based on our real estate client’s needs.

Is this a Call Center?

No, we are not hiring for a call center position. Your property management client may not even have you speak on the phone. We train you specifically for the real estate industry and your property management company client will have you assist them in various tasks associated with real estate rental home management.

Is there a bonus pay?

On top of the monthly rate, our assistants are paid bonus pay for helping us grow our team and business. Bonus pay changes based on the circumstance. Review the COMPENSATION page for more info.

What is the pay?

Pay is based on your experience and skillset and there are unlimited growth and promotion potential. Entry-level assistants with no virtual assistant experience start at 16000php per month. Assistants with at least 6 months of virtual assistant experience start at 20000php per month. Further opportunities exist for team leads and trainers. There is a 5000php bonus for using your own laptop.

What product am I selling?

You are not selling any products. You are providing a service as a property manager and real estate agent. You will help companies be a better property management company, by providing service to tenants (people that rent houses) and owners of investment real estate (rental properties) you will also help real estate agents with their clients to buy and sell properties.

What will I be doing for Prosper?

We train all of our virtual assistants to answer emails, chat on our website, answer phone calls, enter data, and how to communicate with tenants and handle emergency calls for home maintenance. Each teammate will work first hand with Prosper Real Estate helping us manage our residential rental properties for at least 1 month. After your 1st month, you may be paired with a new real estate client. Your individual client may request you on specific tasks related to Property Management and Real Estate.

How do I apply for the position?

The first step is to hit the apply button on the homepage and complete our intake form.