Team Lead

Job Summary

We are looking for aspiring & enthusiastic virtual assistants to help our team grow. To ensure a positive experience for the customer coaching and managing virtual assistants. A team leader will also assist with the execution of daily operations by overseeing virtual assistants training and performance reviews. We are aggressively expanding our company, so our ideal candidate would be independent, with strong leadership skills, tech-savvy, quick learner and a great multi-tasker.

Roles and Responsibilities

Handling Daily Operations

Team leads are hands-on leaders. They make sure correct procedures are followed and routinely give directions to Virtual Assistant on what to do and how to improve. When a VA needs help dealing with customer concerns, team leaders may step in to offer advice, or authorize a special adjustment. Scheduling VAs based on what works well with the clientele and to ensure adequate coverage is also one of their duties.

Evaluating Performance

Monitor how both their group and its individual virtual assistants are performing. They think of ways to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Their observations may be documented in written reports submitted to higher management.

Seeking Feedback

Good leaders know that those “in the trenches” often have interesting ideas and perspectives. Team leaders ask virtual assistants for input on how to increase productivity and better serve clients.

Ad Hoc

Job Requirements:



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