It’s a given fact that we are now living in a modern era where the internet  has changed the way we live and the way we work tremendously. Nowadays, online jobs dominate our career industry and are experiencing a big boom and the usage of smartphones, internet coverage and other online technologies is increasing globally by just a second. We live in a generation where technology becomes so powerful that even our concept of work has changed. Almost all individuals and more professionals are opting for a flexible, work from home job that allows them to seamlessly connect their work and personal lives and trying to defeat the hassles of an eight to five office job.

In this modern era especially in the aspects of the workforce and other business related matters has paved the way for business outsourcing as a core technique and strategy to streamline operations and doing business in a cost effective manner. The hiring process that required a face-to-face interaction can now simply be outsourced remotely to a professional on a computer. This has now become a norm and the new normal that reshaped not only jobs but also the whole business industries as well, be it on a corporate or online set up. This is one of the reasons why employers choose to hire a virtual assistant (VA) instead of an in-person administrative assistant and it’s not new why hiring virtual assistants are becoming so very popular. It cannot be denied that VA’s are in high demand. As small businesses and startups look towards scaling, they are realizing the huge amount of returns that hiring virtual assistants pose. Among the many benefits and popular reasons that businesses can gain from hiring virtual assistants at the same time, all the benefits that being a virtual assistant get in return includes the list below.

Here are the top 5 reasons why to hire a virtual assistant instead of an in-person administrative assistant:


They said that time is people’s goldmine. There are a number of companies who hire various virtual assistants that can help make the hiring process easier. Also, for those individuals and professionals who pursue their VA career crave for freedom and being a VA, it helps curb that craving which mainly includes craving for freedom of time.

Maintain Sanity

One of the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant is that it helps employers and business owners maintain entrepreneurial sanity. There are days that you find your tasks or to-do-list piling up and end up scattering and achieving less and getting a little too overwhelmed with all the things you needed to do for your business. The best virtual assistant can help you with all of that. On the other hand, being a VA helps maintain a healthy and personal sanity for those individuals and professionals who are pursuing this career because they decide their time and location, they have the freedom of getting both; make their own schedule, it can ease their day to day routine, sleep longer if they want to, working late as they like, no hassles in what to wear, no stress from a daily commute, traffic and a lot more.

Acknowledged Expertise

It’s a given fact that we can’t always be good at everything, there might be a part of your business you find hard and struggling to achieve that certain goal. This is one of the reasons why you need to hire a VA who is able and willing to help you with that specific goal. Once you find that VA that connects well with your business, it will give you confidence when handing off tasks that you have an expert handling the work. In addition, it feels really good to pursue your VA career because you have the chance to offer a few services or things where you excel in. You will be acknowledged for your own potential and excellence with your field and let you do the work. Nothing beats this kind of feeling!

Increased Work-life Balance and Productivity

Many business owners acknowledge the life changing opportunities and how much of an impact they’ve made towards their virtual assistants. They personally see the joy of their personal virtual assistants and their virtual teams. It is also their pleasure and joy to have them working with you and at the same time see them do the things that make their lives fulfilling like being with their family, taking up a master’s degree, or running a marathon or any productivity they’ll do. On the other hand, pursuing a virtual assistant career is a kind of happiness you never had in your corporate career, especially the perks of working remotely; work-from-home setup and being able to be with your family and do all the things you cannot when you’re on a corporate job. You don’t have to waste your hours a day for your commute, command your own time and many more.


Business owners acknowledge VA’s career advancement especially when it comes to the amount of money they paid for them. They allow their virtual assistant to work on their strengths and skills. It’s a given fact that working on an individual’s strengths and skills is more fulfilling than working hard on their weaknesses. It can help them improve faster and enable them to be the best that they can be. On the brighter side of hiring a virtual assistant, gone are the days of someone paying them what they think their worth and giving them a raise when they’re ready. You don’t have to worry about employer expenses, overhead, retirement or insurance benefits.